The Jersey Barnyard Easter Egg Hunt!

Wow, what a crowd! The Jersey Barnyard pulled off quite a spectacular celebration this year at their annual Easter Egg Hunt. There were HUNDREDS of kids scrambling for eggs, bottle feeding calves, and playing with baby chicks! The band was GREAT, the glass blower was cool, and the ice cream was DELISH! Here are a few of the wonderful moments I caught with the camera, and also a link to the gallery where prints can be purchased online…


And a link to the gallery where prints can be purchased:


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Spring is here … and with it new and exciting things!


Spring is finally here – and with that, not only are my kids already in the swimming pool, but I am also starting to book lots of outside sessions! In addition to on-site shoots, I am super excited to announce that I am opening up a studio again on the square in downtown La Grange! The studio will be available Wed-Sat for seniors, kids, boudoir or couples and rates are available under the pricing link above.


I am staying busy with lots of scheduled shoots for both the school and local businesses, but there is still plenty of time to get you in! Please contact me today to get your session scheduled!

Also, look for upcoming info for the “soft” opening of the studio and freebies!!! Yes, freebies! So keep your eyes peeled for more information about the studio opening on the square – just above Bodega on Travis Street!

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