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Stuff and Things – an update of sorts

So I haven’t had much time lately to blog … let alone show up for scheduled shoots. I have had to rescheduleView full post »

Austin Photographer, Katie Shearer – Status Update

So I want to tell all my wonderful current clients to not worry – I will not be canceling or not scheduling any ofView full post »

SNOW / Austin Photographer

Well, it’s gone. The snow, that is … but for one day we ACTUALLY saw what it was like to have it snow;View full post »

Austin Photographer / Personal Post

So this Valentine’s weekend, we had the pleasure of my Father coming over to visit for a shrimp boil …View full post »

Austin Studio Photographer / Valentines Card

Wanted to post my oldest son’s Valentine Card – and wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day. Creating somethingView full post »

Happy Birthday to my Bubbie / Austin Children Photographer

We have been busy around the Shearer household lately; what with My oldest son’s 8th Birthday last week andView full post »

Happy Holidays – Austin Photographer

Happy Holidays to you and your family. Enjoy this time with friends and family!View full post »

My family – and a budding photog in the making / Austin Family Photographer

My family went on a road trip – Grizwald style – this past weekend to look at real estate. We are shoppingView full post »

Austin Family Photographer / Studio or On Location

What’s that, you say? Holiday talk already? YES! If you’d like to send out Christmas Cards with your familyView full post »

Summer buns / Austin Child Photographer

Sometimes it’s just too hot for pants. I really wish I could get away with this look, but alas … I think itView full post »

The Doodle / Austin Child Photographer

This post is for all my doodle-lovers out there. I feel as though I haven’t photographed my little Doodle inView full post »

Seniors! / Austin Senior Photographer

    School starts in like two weeks!!!!! soon, so NOW is the time to start thinking about getting your seniorView full post »

personal post / Austin family photographer

So we had a new arrival this weekend … my husbands new airboat! Everyone is so excited about getting to take itView full post »

{zoo day} / Austin Child Photographer

So today we went to the austin zoo and fed some goats, rode the train, and watched as my 15 month old soaked it all inView full post »

Austin Studio Photographer

Here’s two variations on a studio shot from last week. These are square crops and I have ordered the black andView full post »

Fun at the Park / Austin Children Photographer

It’s always fun to meet up with nice people who have kids the same age as yours, and even sooooo much better whenView full post »

Casting Call … FREE newborn session!!!

I’m in need of some newborns for my portfolio. If you are interested in having your newborn photographed by aView full post »

An old saddle / Austin Studio Photographer

I visited with my family this past weekend at my family’s place on the river in Seguin. My brother brought hisView full post »

"Too hot to fish; too hot for golf…" / Studio Photographer

But not too cold in the studio! Some recent studio shots – avoiding the heat wave outside.  Now that’s aView full post »

Have I told you lately… / Austin Children Photographer

… you know the rest.    Sorry for the lack of client shots (the last several have all been my kids) but if you&#View full post »


Some photographers wonder if the 85mm lens makes a good indoor portrait lens … and I say. The proof is in theView full post »

** A new L lens ** 70-200 f/4L IS

So if you know lenses, then you know what I’m talking about. If not, then you don’t. 🙂 I got the ISView full post »

… because he simply takes my breath away …

with his stunning eyes. I love unscripted captures of little one’s when they are lost in thought. It’s likeView full post »

The minis are here!

Yet another thing to entice you into a “mini” session (see pricing tab June special). It’s airView full post »


There are pictures that you look at and then there are photographs that draw you in. You look hard and study the lines,View full post »


Nothing seems more fun than practicing a newly mastered skill.        And don’t we just love that fresh fromView full post »

Test … this is a test. And only a test.

Ewww, I’m so excited I just can’t stand myself. I **hope** I’ve done this correctly, and that everyoneView full post »

Cutie Patootie

He’s mine, but still … gosh, he’s cute. As always, check out flickrView full post »

…and a few more

…of my kid. He’s all I’ve got to shoot on a regular basis now. Until I get him handled, he’s allView full post »

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