Moving … and an update regarding scheduling.

We close on May 28th, so I am unable to book anymore sessions until we get settled in at our new diggs in La Grange. I have to finish up the last few sessions that I have shot and get orders in before my computer get disassembled. If you are wanting to purchase anything additional from your recent session(s) with me: Do it NEXT WEEK or you will have to wait until I’m setup with internet again after the move. All your files will safely transfer with me, but I do all ordering personally and will not have access to files until I get setup in La Grange. Email me immediately for prints or digitals (or albums)!!! I am rushing to get my last two sessions edited (and an album ordered) before I shut-er-down, so I will not have anymore time to take sessions until I’m gone. I will post when I’m up and going again, and we can either book you in La Grange; or arrange a session for one of my trips back to Austin (it’s only an hour or so drive from here…)

I thank each and everyone of you for your support and customer loyalty to me. I have valued each and every one of you as clients! Thanks for your patience!

Katie Shearer

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