That’s life.

A valuable lesson was learned this weekend; one involving physics and psychology all rolled up in one giant POW. What goes up must come down – and if you don’t move – you get whacked in the face. (swing accident)

But we also learned that 4 year olds can be emotionally impressive. Calm, collected and not even a crack in their voice when they say “I want my Mom”. Sometimes it is just nice to still be wanted.

Nature is abounding here now and the same adorable little cardinal family has returned to the backyard. They must be 3rd or 4th generation by now. We call the male Carl. He has a cute little family. 🙂

The dog even sits on the table to look out the window at them. I snuck out with the camera and had to lock him in because he kept startling them when he followed me (as he ALWAYS follows me EVERYWHERE).

And that’s life here this weekend. Booboos and critters and all that stuff…

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