For my mom

This post is for my mom … 

portraiture sample (1 of 1)-2

She lives in the country, and the kids and I went out to visit her yesterday. She has tons of wildlife out there, and has really been wanting me to get some shots of her beloved deer. They come to eat daily – she hand feeds them – and even hires someone to do it when she leaves town. There are some new babies around, which I must say are incredibly hard to capture, but some of the others came right up to the door. Most of these shots were from inside the sunroom, so the glare is a bit annoying and the quality isn’t quite as top-notch as I’d like … but, hey, I’m sure Mom will love them. I bet she even recognizes each individual deer. The HUGE one (must wait till the end of the post to see that one) is named Joey. My son has been feeding him since he was a baby. Just wait until you see what Joey was up to today! Naughty!!!! Here’s some of the shots I got:

deer (16 of 17)

deer (17 of 17)
deer (5 of 17)
deer (6 of 17)
My mom loves that the bird food sticks to their noses…

deer (1 of 17)
deer (2 of 17)
The baby

deer (8 of 17)
The twins … these are white tails with velvet horns

deer (9 of 17)
deer (10 of 17)
deer (11 of 17)
deer (12 of 17)
more from the twins…

deer (13 of 17)
deer (14 of 17)
deer (15 of 17)

… and finally … what JOEY was up to that day … 

deer (7 of 17)

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