The Doodle / Austin Child Photographer

This post is for all my doodle-lovers out there. I feel as though I haven’t photographed my little Doodle in forever! Perhaps it is because he would rather run than sit, scream than smile, and throw than hold anything. This makes for interesting pics. Here’s a few “outtakes” that never made it public of the little man. He is 16 months now … and I cannot believe how time has flown by. It’s moving as fast as he is. Which is faaaaaaaaaaaaaast. ;0

doodle (4 of 12)B&W


doodle (1 of 12)

doodle (2 of 12)

doodle (3 of 12)

doodle (4 of 12)

doodle (5 of 12) copy

doodle (12 of 12)

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