BOUDOIR DEBUT / Austin Boudoir Photographer

I am so proud to announce my Boudoir Debut! This is my first Boudoir/Glamour session and I am so very pleased with the results!

I have decided to put a slideshow on this post instead of posting individual pictures, so that you aren’t obligated to look at these if you are just happening onto my blog and aren’t interested in viewing these types of shots. WARNING: there is semi-nudity and suggestive posing in this slideshow, so please use discretion when viewing this if you are at work or have children around. :0

Boudoir Debut Slideshow 1:

[mbs slideshow=4]

There are so many more I want to show … I think I’ll do another post with another slideshow!!! 🙂

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Jeri Goodale - October 1, 2009 - 1:49 pm

KATIE!!! these look awesome!!!!!!

i love them : )

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