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For my mom

This post is for my mom …  She lives in the country, and the kids and I went out to visit her yesterday. She hasView full post »

Updated Pricing … LOW RATES!

Pricing reflects current economic situations. New lower rates are effective immediately and available for all. I am NOTView full post »

"Too hot to fish; too hot for golf…" / Studio Photographer

But not too cold in the studio! Some recent studio shots – avoiding the heat wave outside.  Now that’s aView full post »

Have I told you lately… / Austin Children Photographer

… you know the rest.    Sorry for the lack of client shots (the last several have all been my kids) but if you&#View full post »

If you want to use my blog template, photogs:

you can use this coupon code for $10 off! Simply go to (or click the theme name in my footer at theView full post »


Some photographers wonder if the 85mm lens makes a good indoor portrait lens … and I say. The proof is in theView full post »

** A new L lens ** 70-200 f/4L IS

So if you know lenses, then you know what I’m talking about. If not, then you don’t. 🙂 I got the ISView full post »

Oldies but goodies

It seems some of my older posts from my previous blog did not transfer to my new site, so I wanted to put up a few &#View full post »

… because he simply takes my breath away …

with his stunning eyes. I love unscripted captures of little one’s when they are lost in thought. It’s likeView full post »

:.Custom Template Storyboard.:

Just another example of a custom template using your session images. This one is square and could be a 20×20View full post »

The minis are here!

Yet another thing to entice you into a “mini” session (see pricing tab June special). It’s airView full post »

Custom Template :: 20X20 Storyboard

Here’s another example of a custom template that could be made with your images. You don’t have to purchaseView full post »


There are pictures that you look at and then there are photographs that draw you in. You look hard and study the lines,View full post »

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