Film, Really?

Yes, really. There are (believe it or not) lots of photographers who prefer to use film over digital for many reasons. Some of these include the look which is vastly different from digital (think dynamic range), some prefer the feel of the images, and some just balk at the new age instant gratification of the digital era. It’s really a combination of lots of things for me … I see others work in the film format and INSTANTLY know that it’s film and not digital. There is just a remarkable quality to it that leads me into the image and makes me feel different. It’s colors are so lovely, the details are so fine, and it is just such a REAL medium. From the time it takes to actually get the shot (patience is key with film – no blasting away with hundreds of shots, only to just delete 3/4 of them), to the developing stages (getting a REAL tangible product in your hand), to the physicality of it (not parked at a computer, but actually using my hands to MAKE something). It is soooo vastly different from digital. I’m sure I’ll post more – and possible list links to others who have explained it better than myself; but for now, here are just a few more of my home developed B&W FILM shots. Enjoy.

I have recently acquired a second Hasselblad body and lens and tons of the new Kodak Portra 400 color film. Quite anxious to test these things out. Expect lots more FILM posts to come. 🙂

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