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My family went on a road trip – Grizwald style – this past weekend to look at real estate. We are shopping in small towns, and quite undecided as to whether we need a victorian mansion in town or a sprawling ranch on the outskirts. CHOICES, I tell you! Here are a few of the shots from our visit to La Grange, Texas … yes, the place where the movie was made (and no it’s not still there). 🙂

Also, my daughter has started tagging along with me for shoots and using my backup 5D. She actually set her own settings this time – and never missed focus once. I’m so proud of her! Some of her shots are included and tagged.

la grange (4 of 13)web

la grange collage

field morg (1 of 7)web
This is Morganne … we stopped on the side of the toll road (the new 130) and took a few shots. Her shots are to follow: One on the toll road and one in the La Grange Victorian home… ( No, I don’t wear make-up and No I don’t really brush my hair anymore either. You are lucky I’m clothed)

field morg (5 of 7)web

la grange (13 of 13)web

AND … we were messing around in the studio and got these with the new silverlake backdrop (excuse the wrinkles, we are letting it air out) 🙂

studio silverlake (7 of 7)web

studio silverlake (3 of 7)web

studio silverlake (4 of 7)web

………..and to show you the color (again, excuse the wrinkles!!!!!!!!!!!)

studio silverlake (1 of 7)web

OMG, I just noticed that Jack is wearing his Dad’s Tito’s Vodka shirt in this shot (he sleeps in Daddy’s t-shirts). No I do not endorse child alcohol consumption.

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